Fall Hike Schedule Announced


Hi Everyone,

Here is the hike schedule for the rest of the year.  You will notice there are a few Saturdays where there is no hike listed.  That is not a typo, those are the Saturdays that I have a competition with my dogs so won’t be there.  If any of you decide to hike those days just send me an email with your mileage.

Also, you will notice that we are back to our regular times starting next month so sleep in a little and have that extra cup of coffee!

  • Saturday, Sept. 7th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Sept. 8th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Sept. 14th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Sept. 15th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Sept. 21st  |  9am
  • Sunday, Sept. 22nd  |  10am
  • Saturday, Sept. 28th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Sept. 29th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Oct. 5th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Oct. 6th  |  10am
  • Sunday, Oct. 13th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Oct. 19th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Oct. 20th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Oct. 26th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Oct. 27th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Nov. 2nd  |  9am
  • Sunday, Nov. 3rd  |  10am
  • Sunday, Nov. 10th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Nov. 16th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Nov. 17th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Nov. 23rd  |  9am
  • Sunday, Nov. 24th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Nov. 30th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Dec. 1st  |  10am
  • Sunday, Dec. 8th  |  10am
  • Sunday, Dec. 15th  |  10am
  • Saturday, Dec. 21st  |  9am
  • Sunday, Dec. 22nd  |  10am
  • Christmas Day  |  9am
  • Saturday, Dec. 28th  |  9am
  • Sunday, Dec. 29th  |  10am
  • New Years Day  |  9am


Remember, if any of you have any suggestions as to how we can promote the trail dog program, expand our activities, have special events (cgc, potlucks, breakfasts, etc.) please let me know.  Remember, this is not my program, this is our program.  Let’s get out there and have some fun. I am open to any and all suggestions. See you on the trail.

Sharon Nowakowski, Gentle Paws Dog Training | www.racinedogtrainer.com | (414) 916-5936