Nature Explore Classroom

The Nature Explore Classroom (NEC), opened in August of 2019. It is an outdoor, nature free-play space open to visitors of all ages, abilities and sensitivities. Child-centered, constructive play is the purpose of the area.

The Nature Explore Classroom:

  • Serves as a bridge for families to become comfortable in nature and explore it on their own.
  • Enhances school field groups, helping them meet education standards.
  • Increases physical activity and attention levels of children.
  • Helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Boosts immune systems and motor skills.
  • Develops life-long conservation values and outdoor skills.
  • Increases family connection time.

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Project Status:

The NEC remains closed due to Covid-19 safety concerns.  Work has continued in 2020 but the garden and two gathering areas await completion and several play areas need enhancement.

Classrooms are available for adoption—either financially or physically. See details Adoptions