Where is the Nature Explore Classroom?

It is located directly behind the Visitor Center at Richard Bong State Recreation Area.

When is it open?

6am-11pm year-round. Some play elements are unavailable in winter.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee to use the Nature Explore Classroom, but vehicles do need State Park admission stickers to enter the park. $8/day or $28/year for vehicles with Wisconsin license plates. $11/day or $38/year for vehicles with out of state license plates. Fee waivers are available for certain qualified groups. For additional information: Click this link:  

Are dogs allowed?

Only service dogs–those dogs specially trained to lead blind or deaf persons or to provide support for mobility-impaired persons are allowed.

Is the NEC accessible?

Paths and play areas are accessible. Play areas have been designed with all abilities in mind.

What age is the NEC most appropriate for?

People of all ages may play in the NEC. It is most appropriate though for children up to 12 years of age.

Are there programs in the NEC?

Programs have not been specifically created for this area but are available in the park year-round.

Are there tips for using the NEC?

  • Children lead the play, adults are encouraged to play too but also ensure play is not destructive.
  • Chalk is to be used only on chalkboard surfaces.
  • If children take out materials, they, not the adult should put them back.
  • There are no garbage or recycle cans, the park is a carry-in, carry-out facility.
  • Take your time.